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Creams, Salves, and Balm's



Natural~Herbal Deodorant- commercial deodorants contain

controversial chemicals and the risks increase when added to skin after

shaving. The ingredients I have chosen absorb odors and wetness while

the essential oils of lavender, thyme & lemongrass control odor.

3 oz   $4.50

Natural Herbal Deodorant



My carefully formulated creams, salves & balms are crafted

 using solar infused oils, superior grade essential and plant oils and organically grown herbs

known for centuries to be soothing to the skin...


Old-Fashioned Comfrey Salve- reputed as "the healing herb", comfrey contains

allentoin-a naturally occurring chemical in the plant that regenerates skin cell growth

great for minor skin irritations. Infused in soothing oils with beeswax and

essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree and rosemary, this is

an all-purpose skin salve & a little goes a long way..

our salve is used by doctors and nurses at three area hospitals

and receives great feedback from those with sore, cracked work-worn hands.

2 oz container ...$6.00

Old Fashiond Comfery Salve

Peppermint Foot Cream "my best seller!" - a special blend of five

essential oils including antibacterial & antifungal peppermint. Helps to cool, deodorize

and soothe tired feet. Moisturizing oils & butters will work best if rubbed in right

after bath or shower and then covered with your favorite socks. My bare country

 girl feet used to be tough & calloused until I started formulating this wonderful cream.

 Can also be used on sun-drenched skin.     

   2 oz jar...$5.00

Peppermint   Foot  Cream


Muscle Rub A very effective salve rubbed into skin to help relieve strained

muscles and arthritic joints. St. John'swort herb is a natural analgesic

used for centuries for healing and pain relief.

Penetrates muscles to help ease painful conditions. The added emu oil

is gaining rapid popularity for it's deep regeneration of cellular structure, along

with added menthol, infused cayenne and essential oils known

for muscle warming properties. Nice Herbal scent!

3 oz. deodorant style container $6.00

Muscle  Rub


Baby Bottom Cream- Calendula with it's antibacterial properties

infused in olive oil helps to soothe & protect baby's

tender skin. We call it our non-petroleum jelly

as it contains no harsh petroleum chemicals.

Good for mommy and mommy-to-be for pregnant bellies as well

as nursing mothers. Safe, natural, Mild, soothing, moisturizing,

good for any age...customers tell us they love it.


2 oz. ...$5.00

Baby Bottom Cream

Nail & Cuticle Cream - natural moisturizing and healing

oils, butters and essential oils quickly absorb into cuticles helping

to keep your hands looking graceful. Includes carrot seed oil and vit.E

to help heal and lemon oil to help whiten nail tips. Good for women and men alike.

.5 oz...$3.50

Nail  &  Cuticle  Cream




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